Monday, March 9, 2009

An update on the Gehmans

Well, hello. Guess you might be wondering what we're up to, or perhaps new blog post is reminding you to wonder what we are up to. =-) So, I'll fill you in.

I have been continuing to meet with my Jehovah's Witness friends on a weekly basis. For several weeks, I felt like God had been preparing me to talk with them about Jesus being God. They believe that salvation is through Jesus, but not that Jesus is God, which I figured out from reading some of their literature. Well, this past Friday, I felt that God was letting me know it was time for this conversation. You can hardly imagine how it went. As soon as we launched into this conversation, we had more interruptions than in all our previous conversations combined. I could tell that the spiritual battle was getting intense. I am so grateful that when I am weak, He is strong because I have definitely been seeing more and more clearly how weak I truly am. Anyway, we are to continue on with this topic at our next meeting, so please pray about this.

Also, this past Sunday we had someone join us for church! This was such a blessing to us and we really enjoyed studying the Bible all together and then fellowshipping with lunch afterward. It was so exciting for us to be able to share church with another family.

The kids and I have joined a homeschooling group that meets weekly. It is nice to be able to get together with other Christian families and visit. The group meets in a central location and people come from as far as 1 1/2 hours away to meet. It takes us about 45 minutes to get there. Through this group we met a couple families that have started a house church. They live about 20 minutes from us.

Other than that, we are excited to begin seeing the first signs of spring - robins are coming back and trees are starting to bud. No daffodils yet, but we are looking forward to those happy little yellow flowers.

I tried to put in a picture of our house for you to see, but I am not sure if it will actually show up or not. If not, I will try again later. If you see a picture of a house on this post, good chance it ours!