Saturday, July 10, 2010


Mandy and I heard a huge crash last night during the rain storm - we've gone about two weeks without rain, and got about 1 1/2" last night, so that's welcome. Here's what crashed!

Huge dead limb fell out of the tree and landed covering up our entire street.

Here are some pictures of the cleanup!

This log was about 6' long and about 24" around - Rachel almost could pick it up by herself.

Grey tried as well - he could only get one side of a bigger log in the air!

This is Elijah Grant enjoying the out of doors and the first 70 degree day in the past two weeks - the rest have been in the 90s!

Then Charis got the camera and took a few pictures around the house/yard

Our Chicken shed/tractor (sans wheels)

Nana's car (she's over helping Mandy sand and paint)

The boys - resting

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